I'm a Brazillian designer hoping to get meaningful projects that could generate a positive impact on people and the world.

With over ten years of experience in working with visual design, I work as a freelancer for creative projects that involve art directing, illustration, and mostly motion design.

Alp Bio Eco
eHRM | Explainer Video
Torus Seguros
Conexorama Branding Case
Branding for Conexorama a digital marketing company from Brazil.
Slovenian Technology Company
Art directing for motion graphic videos. Watch the behind the scenes of two explainer videos for a Slovenian company.
Bike Riders
Behind the scenes of a 30 seconds video that presents creatively a brake pad brand.
A resume of my work as a motion designer, illustrator, and graphic designer. Every single screen was designed and animated by me.
Supernova UX Culture
Design system for a program of UX Culture.
Perro Libre APL Floripa
Cultural project for a craft beer named Perro Libre
A compilation of illustrations.
Henrique Ouro Coach
This project is a video made as an animated testimonial for my career coach Henrique Ouro.
Art Direct, Illustration and Motion Design to Explainer Video created for a music platform that intend to teach music online.
Kamel Turismo
Illustrations and Storyboard for an explainer video for a tourism agency that get Brazilians to run around the world.
Illustrations for an Explainer Video of a company that encourages people to ride by bike.
Atlas Político
Explainer video created for announcing a political transparency portal.
Explainer Video created to present a collaborative finance project that intends to teach political for young people.
Art Direction for an Infographic and Explainer Video of a project for a platform that intends to help eliminate the solid waste.
Google Ads Brazil
Five videos made to the launch campaign of Google Ads Brazil.
Process of two explainer videos for SocialBase, from the beginning until the final videos.
Explainer Video Process
Sharing my working process for Explainer Videos. Only in Portuguese.
Several logos created between 2010 and 2014.
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