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I was invited by Miss Moos Studio to make a video for a technology company from Slovenia. Once they already have their 60 seconds video, they came with another demand. The new one should have 30 seconds. As I already knew what they already like, I could enjoy the trip and try different solutions creatively. I will share here the behind the scenes.

In the first scene, I wanted to use an organic animation for the paper, and then I used the frame-by-frame inspiration to do this scene. Actually it was a frame-by-frame! First of all, I have used the Illustrator to set up the steps, and after that, I drew every single paper.

For this part, I made the animation of the hand using Duik to rig. For the keychain, I animated just the rotation of each key separately.

Here you can see the final result of the two videos. Hope you like it.

Storyboards, Design, Animation: Felipe Fox
Sound Design: Rade Santrac
Video Production: Miss Moose Production

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