I'm a designer with more than 10 years of experience in working with visual design. I worked in a lot of agencies and design offices in Brazil. In 2011 I moved to a magic island called Florianópolis. I’ve worked here doing branding at Glóbulo. A few months later, I left and went to be a part of a new crew in Cafundó Estúdio, where I worked in different types of creative projects, for a sort of national brands and Google Brasil. Besides that, I was involved in inside projects, like the short film Bravura. One year later, I was the leader of an art team in an educational game. 
After I left, I spent 2 years freelancing and putting my whole energy in doing Explainer Videos projects. At that time, I met two colleagues in a co-working space that starter a new company and right away I became a business partner at Conexorama. At Conexorama, I was the design team leader and I built the department of the explainer videos, where I managed all the developing process of the projects. I also co-created the new company branding.
Today I work as a freelancer doing creative projects involving graphic design, illustration and motion design. I'm looking for meaningful and conscious projects that focus on humanity and global issues. If you felt a connection, don't hesitate in seeing my portfolio and getting in touch.
See ya!
Thank you!
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